Care England, National Care Forum, WCS Care, Forest Healthcare, Graham Care, Keychange Charity and Elizabeth Finn Homes are the first to join forces with the Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Care (CC&IC) to help harness ideas and drive forward useful change in order to transform the care sector experience for all. 

The Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Care (CC&IC) is a growing network of passionate people powered by diverse experiences from the frontline of care. Together, they aim to redefine leadership in the sector by helping professional care and support organisations place ‘creativity’ at the very heart of their day to day by realising the creative potential in their own people - from the boardroom to the bedside.

Developed in partnership with Cass Business School the venture is a collaboration of care providers keen to innovate in order to improve the care experience they provide, alongside enhancing their own business performance and with a bold overall aim to transform the care sector as a whole.

Chris Gage, founder of CC&IC, and the Managing Director of Ladder to the Moon states “We enable care organisations to meet more of the CQC characteristics for outstanding service. 55% of which, by the way, refer to creativity and innovation. We work hands on with leaders in care organisations in a way in which unlocks the creative potential in all their staff and helps develop the mindset, tools and processes needed to inspire creative confidence. In doing so we help people and organisations thrive.

CC&IC use a mix of business insight and quality assurance with fun methods to allow Senior leaders and frontline carers alike to develop the skills and processes that release inspiring ideas and turn them into useful, practical actions that improve wellbeing outcomes and business performance.

Paul Musgrave, CEO Forest Healthcare says, Our relationship with Chris and his team has been a fundamental element in our homes achieving Outstanding, and we are now seeing tangible benefits for staff, managers and, most importantly, the people we care for. With this membership we further aim to forge new relationships with innovative organisations and embed greater levels of creativity in the daily life of our care settings”

Prof. Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, comments We are extremely proud to be one of the first founding associate members of CC&IC as we believe if care services are going to be fit for purpose in the 21st Century we need innovation and creativity and firmly feel CC&IC will be a catalyst for this transformation.”   

Chris Gage, comments “Each member, in the act of joining this collective project, is making a statement about what they believe is important in care; to their teams, their funders, regulators and the sector as a whole. We are delighted to formally launch the initiative to help meaningful change happen and recognise this can only happen with visionary care organisations such as our founding members who bravely push for transformation.”  

Unlock the creative potential of your teams and join the care revolution by emailing CC&IC’s Managing Director, Chris Gage: [email protected]