As you may know we've recently launched the Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Care. It's had a significant impact on culture and mindset in the founder organisations already; and we are currently recruiting a second wave of membership, with the aim being to have new members in place before the summer. 

It's been a great first six months. Managers and senior teams have got a lot out of it, particularly around leadership, creative meetings and supervision. Organisational senior leaders are responding to the time and focused support given to think about and act upon their organisation’s commitment to be more creative and deliver exceptional care; and across the membership we now have 10 Outstanding services across four organisations. 

At this point we are looking for social care organisations operating multiple services to work alongside our existing partners.

Have a look at the centre's website for more information. The centre is a collaborative network of care providers committed to increasing creativity in their organisations so that everyone, including the business themselves, thrive. We're providing a mix of leadership development, insight and analysis, brand and communication; as well as a network of providers committed to working together to develop creative care cultures in their organisations. 

We're looking to have the last few organisation on board by the start of the summer holidays. This will be the last opportunity to come on board for a while as we're going to start a programme of focused development work with existing members. If you're interested please get in touch, and if you know anyone who might be please pass this information along.